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Join a Retreat with Harmony Yoga Haliburton!

We're creating retreats around the world to invite you to share your practice with us in new locations! Please check out our Kēva and Devī Retreat pages for more information on what each retreat includes and how they're designed.

Lori, ON

"The *Amanda’s* retreat team are authentically amazing as individuals and as the perfect Yin Yang team. Whatever your yoga experience, they beautifully work with you individually while keeping any class flowing. Their immense knowledge and love of life is inspiring! Just do it, you will not be disappointed."

Jessica, LA

"I loved Amanda and Amanda. They're both so knowledgable about yoga and they bring different strengths/styles to the practice, which meant that there was both an intensity and a calmness to the experience, which I really appreciated (and needed)."

Laura, ON

"I think this retreat has made me realize how important it is to take time for myself without feeling guilty about it. I feel like I left Xinalani with an enriched sense of empowerment and clarity."
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