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Private Training

Strength. Mobility. Yoga.

Supporting you in your movement goals. 


Whether you're looking to get out of pain, find more energy and stamina, or just feel better in your body and daily life, we're here to help you accomplish your movement goals. Being consistent with your training routine is key to ensuring you’ll actually get the results you want. However, staying on track can be difficult, so we offer a combination of multiple disciplines to create sustainable changes for your body and mind. 


Private coaching in your home, cottage, or at the studio can help you build confidence in your movement practice. The convenience of your own class time and location will help hold you accountable for your practice. We specialize in yoga, steel mace, kettlebells, and HIIT training. 

Private group yoga classes are a fun way to celebrate an occasion like someone’s birthday or to bond as a group. We offer private group classes for bachelorette weekends, girls weekends, family reunions, and wedding parties.


Get in touch to discuss the best options for you. 


Rates are based on 60-minute sessions.  Mileage will be charged for out of studio classes.  Private Coaching Package rates available. All coaching sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable.  There are no carry overs from missed sessions within a coaching series.  

Private Classes               Price + HST 

Private in Studio                    $135.00 + HST​

Private Group in Studio         $180.00 + HST

Private out of Studio              $195.00 + HST

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